Facts - TCN Data Hotels
Trusted data centers

TCN Data Hotels zijn met 99,9999% beschikbaarheid sinds 2001 een bewezen speler in de datacenter markt. Deze beschikbaarheid wordt bereikt door ontwerp, bouw, eigendom en exploitatie in eigen hand te houden en slimme locatiekeuzes te maken. Dit heeft geresulteerd in een totale omvang van ruim 100 MW datacenter capaciteit en klanten van wereldformaat.

99,9999% available

With 99.9999% availability, TCN Data Hotels have been a proven player in the data centre market since 2001. We achieve this level of availability by maintaining control over design, construction, ownership and operation and by making smart location decisions. This has resulted in a total size of over 50 MW of data centre capacity and world-class customers.

100% neutral

TCN Data Hotels are 100% neutral in all areas. Carriers, suppliers and service providers are all welcome in our Data Hotels. As a guest at our Data Hotels, you have complete freedom to decide with whom you want to do business in these areas. Moreover, you can offer your services from our Data Hotels as though they are your own data centre. Another benefit of TCN's neutrality is that we do not compete with guests that consider hosting to be their core business. You decide which party you want to outsource your service and/or hosting to.

100% future proof

TCN has been designing, developing and operating Data Hotels since 2001. All conceivable processes are executed and/or directed by TCN. This gives us an excellent track record and extremely reliable products. Our long-term relationships with discerning customers prove this concept's success. Our goal in everything we do is to create a safe environment for your business-critical ICT equipment. Due to this our data centers are ready for 2030.

100% energy efficient

Energy efficiency is a major concern in the data centre world. We focus not on compensating for our energy needs, but on reducing them. Since 2001, TCN has researched and implemented several forms of efficiency improvements for its Data Hotels. Combined with our purchasing power, these improvements have resulted in lower energy prices and the highest degree of energy reliability.

100% flexible

TCN Data Hotels are designed based on a flexible concept. This provides a wide range of possibilities in terms of energy supply and cooling. As a result, our Data Hotels are future-proof, and we can smoothly adapt to the future needs of our customers.

100% service and support

As you would expect from a hotel, TCN Data Hotels are focused on service. All Data Hotels offer facilities that ensure a pleasant stay, both for people and equipment. Our team can provide you with support, from helping with wiring to supervising the move of a complete server park. We cooperate with our users to raise knowledge levels, and we can take over from you at your request.

100% transparent

Best price guarantee The data centre market is not transparent. Price, quality and services are never generic. TCN Data Hotels allows you to make the prices comparable. We promise a 'best price guarantee'. You get the best quality and service for a transparent price.

Transparent pricing model Basically you receive an invoice for the capacity (in kW) and the power you have used (kWh). Such transparency is highly exceptional in the data centre world. Only in the event that you enter into a contract for additional services will you ever be charged for these.

100% expansion possibilities

To continue to meet the quickly evolving demands in ICT, TCN Data Hotels are designed to be spacious and flexible. As a result, we can quickly and adequately adapt to changes in IT load per rack or increases in energy use (including cooling capacity) per square metre. When we design our Data Hotels, we already take into account additional space requirements for extra equipment.

quality control

The quality of TCN Data Hotels is carefully monitored by internal quality managers and external auditors. This has resulted in the following certifications, among others:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISAE 3402
  • NEN 1010
  • NEN 3140