Jul 17, 2012

TCN Data Hotels wants to make datacenter market more transparent

In an interview with ISPam earlier this month, TCN Data Hotels have indicated they want the datacenter market to become more transparent. Therefore, the company that owns and exploits Data Hotels in Groningen, Eemshaven and Hilversum (Media Park) has asked ‘Troostwijk Taxaties’ (Troostwijk Valuations) to investigate the current size of the datacenter market and the expected evolution of demand and supply in the coming years.

Jan 3, 2011

TCN gets Data Hotels certified

Only a few organizations officially meet these strict requirements for information security. The certification of the Data Hotels aims to minimize business risks in the areas of processes, information systems and the information that supports the energy supply and the cooling, the fire preventions and physical protection. This quick certification was made possible by a dedicated team and a clear definition of the scope.
In a relatively short time period of four months, TCN managed to get her Data Hotels certified by Kema Quality according to the strict rules for information security, ISO 27001. Thanks to this certification demanding companies can now be located at the Data Hotels. This certification offers them the certainty of a professional data hotel.