99,9999% available

TCN Data Hotels, with 99.999% availability over the past ten years, is a proven player in the datacenter market. This availability is achieved by keeping the design, construction, ownership, and management in house and by making smart choices for locations. This has resulted in a datacenter capacity of more than 100 MW and world class clients.

100% neutral

TCN Data Hotels are 100% neutral in all areas. Whether it concerns carriers, supplier, or service providers, every supplier is welcome in our Data Hotels. As a guest in our Data Hotels you have complete freedom in choosing with whom you wish to do business. Moreover, you can offer your services from our Data Hotels as if this was your own datacenter. Another advantage of TCN’s neutrality is that we do not compete with our guests who consider hosting their core business. You determine yourself from which party you want to buy your service and/or hosting.

100% reliable

TCN has designed, developed, and operated Data Hotels since 2001. All imaginable processes are being performed and/or directed by TCN. This has led to an excellent track record with extremely reliable products. Long-term relationships with well-known clients prove the successfulness of this concept. The ultimate goal is to create a safe environment for your mission critical IT equipment.

100% energy efficient

Energy efficiency is an important issue in the world of datacenters. We do not concentrate on offsetting but on reducing our energy needs. Since 2001 TCN has researched and implemented various forms of energy efficiency improvements. This, combined with purchasing power, has resulted in lower energy costs and higher energy reliability.

100% flexible

TCN Data Hotels designs are based on a flexible concept. This provides a wide range of possibilities for energy facilities and cooling. This makes our Data Hotels ready for the future and lets us respond flexibly to the future needs of our clients.

100% service and support

TCN Data Hotels are service oriented as is to be expected of a hotel. In all Data Hotels we offer amenities making the stay enjoyable for both human and equipment. Our team can give you support, ranging from installing cables to guiding a complete server park move. Together with our clients we increase the level of knowledge and take over at your request.

100% transparent

Best price guarantee
The datacenter market is not transparent. Price, quality, and services are never generic. TCN Data Hotels offers the possibility to compare prices. We promise you the “best price guarantee”. You will receive the best quality, service, and a transparent price.

Transparent price model
A base invoice will include charges for capacity and energy (in kWh) used. This transparency is very unusual in the world of datacenters. Charges for other services will only be billed if they are part of the contract between us.

100% expansion possibilities

To meet the rapidly changing ICT requirements TCN Data Hotels are planned and designed spaciously and flexibly. This allows us to adequately respond to changes in IT load per rack or an increase in energy consumption (and therefore cooling capacity) per square meter. During the design phase of our Data Hotels we already consider the increased space requirements for additional equipment.

100% quality control

TCN Data Hotels’ quality is meticulously reviewed by internal quality control managers and external auditors. This has resulted in the below listed certifications among others:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISAE 3402
  • NEN 1010
  • NEN 3140